Hikryela the Anime!

Not that I actually expect anyone to see this post since the campaign ended, but there is a new Anime series with some interesting similarities to our setting.

There isn’t much info out on the series but it just started airing. Its called GATE.

The basic premise is that a portal opens in Japan and a fantasy army attacks. They have various monsters, dragon-riders, and your standard medieval soldiers.

They kill a bunch of civilians before the SDF shows up and slaughters them with firearms.

Then rather than risk destroying the Gate and having a new one appear they secure it and send an invading army.

It has potential so I figured I would share.

The hole in the wall

My players decide to melt a hole in the wall, I could just remove the wall segment and leave a gap… Or I could make a new prop.

Factory Side view -

Portal Side View -

Closeup -

I could have just cut a hole in the center of an existing prop, but that wouldn’t properly reflect the scene. The walls are a sandwich of reinforced concrete between steel. Clearly some of the metal supports would remain since it has a higher durability than the concrete.

Aside from that, the final encounter (I hope!) has been delayed an extra week. One of our players can’t make it and I don’t want anyone to miss the campaigns climax.

Assaulting the Portal

The end of the campaign draws near and our heroes are attempting to destroy the portal. I wanted to do something special for the final encounter, and the players finally saw so now I can share the map with anyone else who stumbles over this campaign.

Our next session will determine the fate of Hikryela!



This is the primary entrance to the portal building. The players decided to make their own entrance though and avoided this entire section… Until they leave.
The room in the bottom portion in the picture is one of the two portal control rooms, though I used the phrase “portal control” loosely since all they really can do is monitor.

Traveling down the hallway will bring you to the second portal control room. At the end of the hall is the server closet.

There is too much flash in this picture, but I needed this angle. This is where the guards are stationed when we resume next session. I kind of doubt I’ll be able to keep the terrain on the dining room table for two weeks.
The players decided to blow a hole in the wall to enter the room. Currently the green mech is blocking it and I removed the tile to show where it is. By next session I will have a custom terrain piece with a hole blown through it to use. I can’t give any detail on the individuals in this room yet, aside from the fact there are four wild card villains, I need to leave some mysteries for next session.

I have two pictures of the factory floor to give proper perspective of player locations. There were more barrels and crates, but they were destroyed during the fight for the room.
You can see the conveyor belts at the bottom of the picture. Those run into two small decontamination rooms which then go into the portal room. The villains are strip-mining the planet and shipping the resources back home.

Here you can better see where the heroes blew a whole in the wall. Eyes, one of our party members, is currently in the yellow mech at the hole. The mech’s left arm has been blown off and the right leg is severely damaged. Still he managed to disarm the green mech of its sword. The other yellow mech parked in the corner has our party member Lorrick as he patiently waits for the fighters to deal with things.
The blue models with red helmets are 4 constructs made my Lorrick (the one lying down is currently stunned).
The blue haired girl is DikDik. She is currently intangible and was acting as a scout. She managed to set off the bacterial agent alarms… Oops.
The man with sword and gun near the hole is Estelle. The mini on the green die is a imp controlled by Koren and Koren is the black model hiding in the corner.

New wiki layout

Obsidian Portal had a kickstarter to pay for system updates.
The changes just went live.
Let me know if the new layout / interface gives you any trouble.
Additionally the new URL is https://hikryela.obsidianportal.com

Equal XP
OOC Post

As of last session we will no longer track XP individually. Regardless of attendance, each character will have the same XP. If they mission a session in which they would have leveled up, they instead level up the end of the next session.

The Great Spider War

The tone in the cave was somber, many good people had lost their lives today. A nest of spiders was discovered deep in the caves and the survivors were called to arms. Commander Koren directed the attack and Keito led the charge. The peasant shield wall did much to protect the men and Kettu and Meuke led the bandits in attack while DikDik tended to the wounded.

The fight started out strongly, the plan was sound, and the drone yielded minimal resistance. Alas as they delved deeper into the mines the peasants began to get spooked. The shield wall started to falter and the men fell back. It was all Koren and Keito could do rally the line.

Their very retreat though turned into a huge advantage, as they withdrew the Queen lost focus and control on her spiders resulting in most of them being slaughtered and opening a clear path to her chamber. The bandit core continued to withdraw, but Koren drove the remainder on.

This dissent was nearly their downfall, overconfident the peasants charged forward only to have the Queen and two of her warriors appear from the ground behind them. They decimated the lines before they were finally overwhelmed.

DikDik stayed the hands of the peasants, preventing them from outright slaying the Queen. She spoke of legends in which the Dark controlled Stone Spiders and how she believed they could do the same. She spoke to the Queen and came to an agreement. As long as they provide fresh meat, the Queen would serve “The Masters”.


For future reference, here are the numbers behind the battle. The numbers are approximiate.


Class Initial Dead Final
Peasants 60 24 36
Bandits 10 4 6
Sailors 10 4 6
Total 80 32 48


Class Initial Dead Final
Drones 50 44 6
Warriors 10 9 1
Total 60 53 7

Heroic Turns

Round Token Mod Terrain Mod Tactics Mod Heroic Action Mod Token Loss Tokens Morale
0 - - - - - 10 Good
1 +2 -3 +1 +4 1 9 Good
2 +2 -3 +2 +3 1 8 Organized Retreat
3 +4 -3 -1 +6 0 8 Rallied
4 +7 -3 +2 +2 5 3 Victory

Heroic Actions

Round DikDik Keito Kettu Meuke
1 Healer (+1) Lead the Peasants (+2) Lead the Bandits (+1) -
2 Shaken Lead the Peasants (+1) Shaken Lead the Bandits (+2)
3 Healer (+2) Rally the Troops (+1 Moral) Lead the Sailors (+2) Lead the Bandits (+2)
4 - Lead the Peasants (+2) Withdrew Withdrew

Foe Turns

Round Token Terrain Tactics Foe Action Token Loss Tokens
0 - - - - - 8
1 - - - - 1 7
2 - - - - 3 4
3 - - - - 3 1
4 - - - +4 3 -2

Foe Actions

Round Warriors Queen
4 Defend the Queen (+1 +2) Sneak attack (+1)
Achievement Reached!

A small band of Wildlings have been sighted in the outskirts of the Capital. Closer examination reveals that they are in fact Goblins and are accompanied by at least one Human companion. They are assumed to be friendly, though their purpose is unknown…


Those who are compelled to reroll can now elect to be a Goblin.

Goblins are small forest dwelling creatures. They are known to be capable with magic and can have the Arcane background for Magic or Miracles. They are not subject to the Blessed/Blighted restrictions.

Racial Qualities

Forest Dwellers: Goblins have a natural affinty for nature which seperates them from other cultures. They start with the Woodsman Edge and Outsider Minor Hindrance.
Small and Wiry: Goblins are smaller than most other races, making up for strength with agility. They start with an Agility of D6 but have Toughness and Size reduced by 1. They only have a pace of 5.
Stealthy: Due to their size Goblins need to be stealthy to survive. They start with D6 in stealth and Infravision.

A survivor's Vision

The demons came and left death in their wake.
They slaughtered without mercy, draining The Provider of color.
Searching all she found was fire and loss.

Reading the memories of Ryela she found a surge of light.
A group glowing with a demon at its’ fore.
Darkness clashing with darkness to protect life.
Collecting it, guiding it.

She must find the way…
Find the monster who embraced the light.

These people can fight.
They gather strength.
Embrace hope.

-A vision belonging to one with the sight.

The Attack

To make some gold I hired out as a guard for a merchant in town. I expected it to be easy money, nothing exciting happens in Hikryela. The morning was cool and quiet but the horses being sold were restless. There was something funny in the air. I’d thought it was just the beasts picking up on the merchant’s nerviousness when the cursed prince arrived to view his wares.

Then we all heard, and even felt the… “thrumming” in the air. Next thing I knew the ground shook, tossing everyone near the green to the ground and lighting the gazebo on fire! Then the strange cart attacked, slaughtering the merchants on the streets. Seeing my paycheck vanish, I quickly moved to support the biggest purse on the street.

Then the outsiders came… Strange soldiers in black armor with powerful weapons. It took all I had to hold my own while the prince uses his dark powers to support me. Even so I was driven back to the armory where the survivors made their last stand.

We held our ground, but it was only a matter of time before we fell… And that’s when HE showed up. An outsider on a strange mount who saved us. Now our only real choice is to follow this stranger…



Welcome to the world of Hikryela.
This wiki is currently under constant updates while I prepare for the initial run of the campaign.
The first session is expected to be March 29th at 8PM (though people are urged to show up sooner)
That will consist of character creation (come with a concept, we’ll worry about the rules then) and ideally the initial “attack” to teach people the rules.
Until we meet officially, all data on this sight is subject to change…
I apologize for that, but it takes time crafting a world!

We also have ONE slot left, so if you have any recommended players let me know


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