Achievement Reached!

A small band of Wildlings have been sighted in the outskirts of the Capital. Closer examination reveals that they are in fact Goblins and are accompanied by at least one Human companion. They are assumed to be friendly, though their purpose is unknown…


Those who are compelled to reroll can now elect to be a Goblin.

Goblins are small forest dwelling creatures. They are known to be capable with magic and can have the Arcane background for Magic or Miracles. They are not subject to the Blessed/Blighted restrictions.

Racial Qualities

Forest Dwellers: Goblins have a natural affinty for nature which seperates them from other cultures. They start with the Woodsman Edge and Outsider Minor Hindrance.
Small and Wiry: Goblins are smaller than most other races, making up for strength with agility. They start with an Agility of D6 but have Toughness and Size reduced by 1. They only have a pace of 5.
Stealthy: Due to their size Goblins need to be stealthy to survive. They start with D6 in stealth and Infravision.


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