Clockwork Behemoth


Clockwork Guardian

Attributes & Derived Stats
Agility d6 Pace 8
Smarts d6 Parry (2 + half Fighting + shield/weapon) 6
Spirit d8 Toughness (2 + half Vigor + torso armor) 14(4)
Strength d12+3 Charisma 0
Vigor d10 Vision (by race) Normal
Vitals Information
Power Points 10 (10)
Wounds -1 -2 -3 Incapacitated
Fatigue -1 -2 -3 Incapacitated
Base Combat Stats
Melee Weapon Reach Attacks Damage
Greatsword d10 d12+d10+3
Ranged Weapon Range Attack, ROF Damage Notes
Skill Die Constant Modifiers Linked Attribute
Fighting d10 Agility
Intimidation d10 Spirit
Notice d8 Smarts
Edges and Special Abilities
Name Effect Edge/SA Reference
Arcane Bond Has Arcane Resistance against everyone but summoner SA DE 118
Armor +4 Stone skin SA DE 118
Construct +2 to recover from Shaken, no additional damage from called shots, immune to poison/disease SA DE 118
Fearless Immune to fear and Intimidation SA DE 118
Improved Sweep May attack all adjacent targets in a single action SA DE 118
Size +3 8-9 feet tall and very dense SA DE 118
Weapons Range/Reach RoF Dmg Weight (lbs.)
Longsword Str+d8
Armor Protection Area Protected Weight
Steel body +4 body
Weight Limit Penalty (Ag,St)
40 -1 -2 -3

A creation beyond the comprehension of most, this appears to be a solid steel ball, about the size of an orange and heavily greebled. However, when activated and thrown, the ball separates and quickly unfolds into a clockwork humanoid, about the size of a person. Though its left hand is a simple three-fingered claw, its entire right arm deploys into a deadly blade the size of a longsword. Its “heart” is a sort of ectoplasm battery, which depletes very quickly but recharges naturally over time.

The Clockwork Guardian can follow simple commands, but it will only obey its creator (unless instructed otherwise, of course). It will carry out its tasks to the best of its ability and with complete disregard to its own safety.

Clockwork Behemoth

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