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Personal Information
Name: Estelle Duna Rank: Heroic XP: 60 Race: Earth Elemental (but claims Human)
Attributes & Derived Stats
Agility d8 Pace (by race) 6 Running: +d6
Smarts d4 Parry (2 + half Fighting + shield/weapon) 7
Spirit d4 Toughness (2 + half Vigor + armor) 7 (+4)
Strength d8 Charisma (by Edge/Hindrance) -2
Vigor d10 Vision (by race) Normal
Wounds 0 Incapacitated if > 3
Fatigue 0 Incapacitated if > 2
Edges and Hindrances
Name Effect Edge/Hindrance Notes
Alertness Notice +2 Edge
Fleet Footed pace +2", d10 running Edge
Overconfident Doesn’t believe she can lose. Hindrance (Major)
Doubting Thomas Doesn’t believe magic is real. Hindrance (Minor)
Thief +2 to climbing, stealth, lockpicking, and disarming traps Edge
Nerves of Steel Ignore one wound penalty Edge
Counterstrike free attack at one enemy per turn who fails their attack Edge
Due to being an earth elemental
Numb Ignore wound modifiers, notice roll to see if injured Edge (she bleeds sand, what do you expect?)
Outsider No longer looks human. -2 to charisma. Hindrance
Skill Die Constant Modifiers Linked Attribute
Notice d6 +2 Smarts
Climbing d6 +2 Agility
Stealth d10 +2 Agility
Lockpicking d6 +2 Agility
Fighting d12 Agility
Lodestone d6 Smarts
Weapons Weight Dmg AP Notes
Katana 6 d<str>+d6+2 2 AP Given to Eyes
Lodestone Dagger 1 d<str>+d4 Chance of returning when thrown (Lodestone weapons check) — Given to Lorrick
Lodestone Greatsword d<str> + d<min(10,str)> +2 to hit with Lodestone Knowledge d6. May someday light on fire
Armor Protection Area Protected Weight Notes
Enhanced Kevlar 4m/8r Torso 15
Helmet 3 Head 5
Leather Armor 1 Arms/Legs
Tools Location Weight
[Lockpicks] [belt pouch] 1
2 grenades
20 gold

The Past

Though once a much less harsh person, Estelle has always been a bit rough around the edges. While her husband lived, she worked in his family’s shop, more out of obligation than any real interest, though that is where she picked up the katana. Though she generally didn’t interact with customers, she found that occasionally the family’s superstitions got the best of them, and they would call on her to serve a customer. Usually they were muttering something about “blighted” or “changelings”. Magic and fairy tales, things that Estelle had always known weren’t real, despite everyone’s insistence. If they needed to believe in fairy tales to be happy, let them, meanwhile, she mostly learned to keep her laughter and scoffing to herself. The customers were nice enough, and at least it was a change of pace.

After he died, she just stopped showing up. Free from that obligation, she disappeared from the lives of the people who knew her and used the opportunity to reinvent herself and try to figure out what she wanted from her life.

She tried to educate herself, but that was tedious. She had no head for business. She wasn’t skilled enough at social niceties to blend in with the nobles. Farming was rather boring. Thievery was actually kind of fun, but Estelle found that other than food, she had little to no use for anything she took, and her victims often found items reappearing a few days later, leaving them to wonder how they’d misplaced such a precious item.

While she was pondering what to try next, the outsiders attacked. As Strider led them to the cave, Estelle knew only that she wanted to survive. As the stakes became clear, Estelle realized that if she didn’t help, she would be the only survivor. She watched the others. As the group led by Koren formed, it was clear what path would both be the most interesting and hold the greatest chance of saving everything, though she has her doubts about some of the groups’ self-preservation instincts…


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