Goblin, akimbo fighter, fast, scout


DE = Deluxe Edition (core book)

Personal Information
Name: Gorignak Rank: Heroic XP: 60 Race: Goblin Age: 12
Currency: 25 gold Gender: Male Hair: none Eyes: Black
Attributes & Derived Stats
Agility d12 (+2) Pace (by race) 7
Smarts d4 Parry (2 + half Fighting + shield/weapon + Edge) 9 (1)
Spirit d4 Toughness (2 + half Vigor + torso armor + Edge) 7/9 (2/4)
Strength d8 Charisma (by Edge/Hindrance) -2
Vigor d8 Vision (by race) Infravision
Base Combat Stats
Melee Weapon Reach Attacks Damage Notes
Axe d10 d8+d6
Shortsword d10 d8+d6 Off-hand
Ranged Weapon Range Attack, ROF Damage Notes
Skill Die Constant Modifiers Linked Attribute
Fighting d12 Ambidextrous, Two-Fisted Agility
Notice d8 Smarts
Stealth d12 +2 in wilderness Agility
Survival d4 +2 in wilderness Smarts
Taunt d4 Smarts
Tracking d4 +2 in wilderness Smarts
Trapmaking d4 Smarts
Edges and Hindrances
Name Effect Edge/Hindrance Reference
Acrobat +2 Agility rolls, +1 Parry if unencumbered Edge DE 38
Ambidextrous No -2 for off-hand Edge DE 32
Clueless -2 Common Knowledge Hindrance (Major) DE 28
Combat Reflexes +2 to recover from Shaken Edge DE 35
Dodge, Improved -2 enemy Shooting/Throwing, +2 avoid AoE Edge DE 35
Fleet-Footed Pace +2, run d10 Edge DE 33
Florentine +1 Fighting vs 1 weapon/no shield, -1 enemy gang-up bonus Edge DE 35
Illiterate Illiterate Hindrance (Minor) DE 30
Nerves of Steel, Improved Ignore 2 wound penalties Edge DE 36
Outsider Cha-2 unless goblin Racial Hindrance(m) DE 30
Quick Initiative always > 5 Edge DE 34
Quirk (Trophy) Takes a trophy from defeated tough enemies Hindrance (Minor) DE 30
Size -1 -1 Toughness and Pace Racial Hindrance(M) DE 22
Two-Fisted Atk w/ each hand @ no pen. Edge DE 37
Woodsman +2 Tracking, Survival, Stealth in wilderness Racial Edge DE 40
Weapons Range/Reach RoF Dmg Weight (lbs.)
Axe Str+d6 2
Shortsword Str+d6 4
Unarmed Str
Armor Protection Area Protected Weight
Buckler +1 Parry front/left 8
Kevlar +2/+4 Armor torso 8
Tools Location Weight
Misc. Items Location Weight
scrappy clothes body
Wounds -1 -2 -3 Incapacitated
Fatigue -1 -2 -3 Incapacitated
Total Weight Carried (lbs.) Weight Limit (Strength x 5) Penalty (to Ag, St, and linked skills)
16 40 -1 -2 -3

Stealthy and fast, Gorignak has been an advance scout for his goblin tribe for years. Like all goblins, he has some ability to survive and get around in the wilderness,


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