xx Rieyicht Herrmann

DECEASED. A merchant guard who quickly took to following Koren Hikryela. He has proven himself highly capable in combat.


DE = Deluxe Edition (core book)

Personal Information
Name: Rieyicht Herrmann Rank: Novice XP: 6 Race: Human Age: 25
Currency: 0 gold Gender: Male Hair: Black Eyes: Black
Attributes & Derived Stats
Agility d8 Pace (by race) 6
Smarts d6 Parry (2 + half Fighting + shield/weapon) 8
Spirit d6 Toughness (2 + half Vigor + torso armor) 7/9 (5)
Strength d6 Charisma (by Edge/Hindrance) 0
Vigor d6 Vision (by race) Normal
Wounds -1 -2 -3 Incapacitated
Fatigue -1 -2 -3 Incapacitated
Edges and Hindrances
Name Effect Edge/Hindrance Reference
Ambidextrous Ignore -2 penalty for using off-hand Edge DE 32
One Arm Tasks that req. two hands at -4 Hindrance (Major) DE 30
One Arm (again) I have no arms. Hindrance (Major) DE 30
Skill Die Constant Modifiers Linked Attribute
Fighting d12 Agility
Notice d6 Smarts
Stealth d6 Agility
Taunt d8 Smarts
Weapons Range/Reach RoF Dmg Weight (lbs.)
Longsword Str+d6(d8) 8
Unarmed Str
Armor Protection Area Protected Weight
Kevlar 2/4 torso 8
Tools Location Weight
Misc. Items Location Weight
Merchant guard clothes body
Total Weight Carried (lbs.) Weight Limit (Strength x 5) Penalty (to Ag, St, and linked skills)
30 17 -1 -2 -3


His right arm was charred beyond use during a prison escape; he had it severed just below the shoulder for convenience.

His left arm was skewered by a bone whirlwind in a Dark shrine, in the deeper reaches of the Darkling cave. His injuries were fatal.

xx Rieyicht Herrmann

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