A survivor's Vision

The demons came and left death in their wake.
They slaughtered without mercy, draining The Provider of color.
Searching all she found was fire and loss.

Reading the memories of Ryela she found a surge of light.
A group glowing with a demon at its’ fore.
Darkness clashing with darkness to protect life.
Collecting it, guiding it.

She must find the way…
Find the monster who embraced the light.

These people can fight.
They gather strength.
Embrace hope.

-A vision belonging to one with the sight.

The Attack

To make some gold I hired out as a guard for a merchant in town. I expected it to be easy money, nothing exciting happens in Hikryela. The morning was cool and quiet but the horses being sold were restless. There was something funny in the air. I’d thought it was just the beasts picking up on the merchant’s nerviousness when the cursed prince arrived to view his wares.

Then we all heard, and even felt the… “thrumming” in the air. Next thing I knew the ground shook, tossing everyone near the green to the ground and lighting the gazebo on fire! Then the strange cart attacked, slaughtering the merchants on the streets. Seeing my paycheck vanish, I quickly moved to support the biggest purse on the street.

Then the outsiders came… Strange soldiers in black armor with powerful weapons. It took all I had to hold my own while the prince uses his dark powers to support me. Even so I was driven back to the armory where the survivors made their last stand.

We held our ground, but it was only a matter of time before we fell… And that’s when HE showed up. An outsider on a strange mount who saved us. Now our only real choice is to follow this stranger…



Welcome to the world of Hikryela.
This wiki is currently under constant updates while I prepare for the initial run of the campaign.
The first session is expected to be March 29th at 8PM (though people are urged to show up sooner)
That will consist of character creation (come with a concept, we’ll worry about the rules then) and ideally the initial “attack” to teach people the rules.
Until we meet officially, all data on this sight is subject to change…
I apologize for that, but it takes time crafting a world!

We also have ONE slot left, so if you have any recommended players let me know


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