During the course of a campaign many activities and actions will be undertaken by the party. These will encompass many activities ranging questing, to traveling, to training. The default Savage World’s ruleset doesn’t suitably address all these.


The players may want to craft supplies, weapons, armor, or other devices. There are basic rules regarding making Weird Science devices, but that is not enough to sufficiently address the desire to create. See Crafting Rules for more info.


In a “city building” type of setting food may become a concern. There are no specific rules regarding farming in the core ruleset. See Farming Rules for more info.


An easy way of finding food and supplies is to forage in the nearby woods. See Foraging Rules for more info.


Questing is extensively covered in the core rules. This is your standard adventure and does not require any house rules. Through questing you gain experience and level up your character.


Some materials can only be found in the city proper, to search for those you should following the Scavenging Rules.


NPCs and extras don’t gain experience or skills normally unless you are using them as a Temporary Wildcards. If you want to improve extras otherwise you need to assign them training as discussed in Training Rules. They can participate in training and ONE other activity without penalties.


When relying on horseback, sea, or foot travel it can take a substantial amount of time to get from one point to another. There are basic rules for traveling in the core ruleset which will be expanded on in Traveling Rules.


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