Hikryela is the largest Kingdom in the known world and is the shining star of civilization. Its capital is far more developed than most other towns.


Hikryela is located in the central region of the continent of Ryela. The Kingdom is predominantly plains, though it is bordered by dense forest to the West. The East of the Kingdom is bordered by mountains, and the powerful Leithleyan River flows through the entire Kingdom.


Hikryela is ruled by a Monarchy, though unlike many countries they discourage class distinctions. Generally the heir to the throne will wed whoever is deemed most beneficial to the Kingdom’s prosperity regardless of their career. The heir is determined by whichever of the children has the best understanding of the government and the needs of the people and will not necessarily be the oldest child. There are strict rules for succession in the event of the untimely passing of the current monarch, all heirs must past a stringent series of tests performed publicly by the advisers and if none of them are suitable the successor will be chosen from the general populace.


First settled 1000 years ago, the Kingdom was initially no more than a group of farmers centered around a public market. Overtime the region grew and developed as individuals began to take up trades. With growth came expansion and the inhabitants began to aggressively deforest the area until they encroached on the Wildling settlements sparking the War of the Wilds.

Having initially taken heavy losses the citizens regrouped and elected the first ruler, Hikryela the 1st. He was a warlike individual and attempted to drive the Wildlings away. Initially he claimed more land but then the Wildlings began attacking the existing farms and eventually he was slain. Learning from their mistakes, Hikryela the 2nd was chosen and he negotiated a peace with the Wildlings. As part of the peace agreement, an annual test of skill was held between an Wildling and Hikryela champion to distribute land and resources. This practice lasted for 20 years before the two cultures agreed on boundaries and resumed their separate lives.

Twenty generations have since passed and Hikryela grew from farming community to powerful kingdom.

Major Cities


In order to properly expand the Kingdom they needed a consistent influx of resources. To obtain stone they trade with Aphryela and to obtain wood they trade with the Wildlings. They also trade assorted goods with Glaciryela.

Hikryela’s primary goods are food and metalwork. They have numerous master craftsmen and have never fully abandoned their farming origins.

Though many transactions are handled through barter, it is acknowledged that is not always the most practical way. Individuals are able to sell goods or services to the royal house in exchange for royal coins which can then be used to purchase other good. Royal coins can be redeemed at any time for supplies kept in the royal vault.


The Kingdom is a peaceful one, though they have a standing royal army they are focused on defending the kingdom from beasts rather than war. The army also acts as a kingdom watch ensuring there is no theft.

In return for that protection, the traders pay a tribute to the ruler. This tribute usually takes the form of goods, barter or services, though occasionally some individuals will pay in royal coins. Disputes are resolved through public competition overseen by the royal advisers. The competitions consist of three challenges, one chosen by both sides and one chosen by the advisers.

When there is crime or theft, reparations are determined by the victim and typically involve working off the debt. In the event of extreme crimes, the individual may be banished from the kingdom without any supplies except what they can carry.

Since they learned during the War of the Wilds that violence does not solve anything, the culture as a whole shuns it. Those who are descended from the Light and blessed with healing powers are held in high regard while those who are shown to have the powers of destruction are shunned.

Related to this individuals will typically be minimally armed and armored while performing their daily business. It is acceptable to have a simple blade and leather armor. A buckler would raise eyebrows a bit but be acceptable as well.

As with any largely wild world, there are adventurers who pass through heavily armed though these individuals find all day to day costs to be doubled since they obviously have gold. The Royal Guard are typically the most heavily armed, but that is to be expected from a standing army against monsters.


The dominant religion in Hikryela is known as The Blessed Light, and as the name implies revolves around worshiping The Light. Other religions are are present as well, though in smaller numbers, such as the order of The Dark Light, and Natures Chosen.


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