Though Goblins are largely a clan based society, when interacting with other races they refer to their homeland as The Husdernat Empire after their holy city.

The city of Husdernat, which roughly translates to House of Nature, is hidden deep in the woods. This is where the Goblin King and Elders live. Aged goblins make the journey to the holy city, many of whom die during the journey. Those who survive become part of a cultural memory.

The city, and the empire, is ruled by the Goblin king. He is the oldest Goblin who is believed to have the purest blood. He is granted great respect because of his age and experience, not because of his strength.


Within the Empire there are two distinct types of Goblin lifestyles, solitary goblins and tribal goblins.

Solitary goblins live alone in the woods and shun most other beings. They may occasionally have a beast friend, but they avoid most other thinking creatures. They tend to be masters of stealth and live in homes magically concealed inside trees.

Tribal Goblins live in clans. The clan may have a home village of up to a 100 goblins or they may be a roaming horde. Usually the smartest goblin will rule, though in some cases it is the strongest.


Goblins are a low impact society, in order to preserve the environment they have no metalwork and use stone or leather instead. Relying on natural resources have led to them being quite resourceful with respect to craftsmanship. Their weapons suffer no modifiers compared to steels crafted by Humans.


Goblins have a well developed written and oral language similar to German. The tone of their speak is typically short, simply and enthusiastic.


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