Ryela is a land of several languages, each nation tends to have their own.
The native languages are similar in style to Asian lanuages.

The people of Hikryela speak “common”, and this is the general language of trade. All PCs start with common. Some sample names in common are: Eryown (f), Geawn (m), Meyhawt (m), Leyawn (f), Deavhd (m), and Syrawn (f).

Those who are blessed, as well as various scholars, will often study and learn “High Speech”, the language of the Light.

Those who wish knowledge of destruction will look towards The Shadow Tongue. This is the language created by the Dark and holds many dark secrets and truths.

The different types of Wilden each have their own tongue.

Those who are attacking the land speak a language all their own. The letters and words are completely foreign to those of Ryela. The natively simply call it “Outsider”
The language of the Outsiders is English.


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