A lodestone (alt: loadstone) is a naturally magnetized piece of the mineral magnetite.


Lodestone is black or brownish-black with a metallic luster.


Lodestone has many simple usages. For example, suspending a shaped lodestone so that it can freely turn makes for an effective compass. However, in the bygone era of Light and Dark, methods were discovered for manipulating the lodestone to create weapons and tools with seemingly magical properties. These arts have been largely lost to human society, but various Wildling races still utilize traces of it, passed down through generations by oral tradition and practical use.

Specialized knowledge of lodestones is required to utilize its full potential. Knowledge (Lodestone) is a passive skill that can be bought as normal once a character learns of lodestones or comes into contact with them. Wildling characters and those specializing in Weird Science are the most likely to study lodestones and can buy ranks in this skill from character creation.

Lodestone Weapons

Those with proper training can make excellent use of lodestone weapons. The vast majority of lodestone weapons are ancient, remaining from the time of the Dark and Light, but are as sharp and strong as the day they were forged. Wielding a lodestone weapon grants the following benefits, based off of one’s own lodestone knowledge. Only recalling a weapon or ammunition requires an actual Knowledge roll.

Skill Recall To Hit AP Notes
Untrained D4-2 - - -
D4 D4 +1 - -
D6 D6 +2 - -
D8 D8 +2 -1 -
D10 D10 +2 -2 -
D12 D12 ? ? Unknown

Lodestone Armor

Lodestone armor can store magical powers inside it. This can be utilized with proper skill.

Skill Protection Power Points Power Slots Notes
Untrained Varies 0 0 -
D4 Varies 6 0 -
D6 Varies 6 1 -
D8 Varies 6 2 -
D10 Varies 10 2 -
D12 Varies 10 ? Unknown

Lodestone Items

Lodestone can be used as a power source for various items and tools. Practitioners of Weird Science can utilize lodestone to power and control their Gadgets. In total, very few people in all of Ryela, whether human or wildling, know how to shape or forge lodestone past its most basic uses.

Name Owner Bonus Description
The Chanter’s Chain Eyes +2 Spellcasting Taken from the body of a slain Darkling Knight, this necklace seems to aid in spellcraft.


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