With the fall of the kingdom, many people are lost or confused. They are looking for strong leadership to guide them. With proper leadership these survivors will play a roll in shaping the future of Hikryela. This page is where the survivors are tracked as minions.

There are two types of minions:

Survivors are the vast bulk of minions players will encounter. They are the rank and file of society and most don’t even warrent a name. They may be used in various mass / unit scale actions, such as building construction, war manuevers, or random grunt work. They are trained and equipped as a group and player actions will “level them up”. They are also easily replacable, if a peasant dies, you can find another peasant almost anywhere and add them to the group. In general they will stay in safety unless the players decide to train them or send them on some sort of large action. Should any suffer injuries during these actions, a single vigor roll will determine if they are alive or dead. Past the action no injuries are tracked.

Heroic Minions on the other hand are named survivors. Each individiual has a “Class”, personality, and experiance track. Their class will determine their baseline attributes, skills and gear and will correlate to a survivor group. Being Heroic means they can be played individually in addition to being included in mass actions for their associated class. When they are played individually they may be (temporarily) given different gear to use. They may even be treated as a wildcard as opposed to an extra if they are being played instead of someone’s main character. Their risk from being in large actions will be minimized because the nameless ones will be killed first so there is no additional record keeping unless the entire group is destroyed.

Eventually Heroic Minions can be promoted to NPC status when they receive 20 XP. Anytime a player uses a Heroic minion instead of their normal character the minion will receive XP. Additionally group actions, training, or jobs will grant XP. Should these minions suffer wounds they may become injured or incapacitated for a set period of time instead. Once that time expires they roll a vigor check to see if they recover just like a normal player character would roll a natural healing check.

All minions have “loyalties” and these loyalties can be quite fluid. In general they each have one PC who they feel is the party leader and they will listen to them above other players. Additionally, when the extras are being used, the player who they are loyal to will get first choice for control over them.


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