Minotaurs are a brutal race of wildlings. They are easily identifiable by their horns and imposing build.


Minotaurs have bull like features, muscular build, and typically grow to be over 7 feet tall. They begin to grow a pair of horns shortly after birth. These horns will continue to grow unless broken. A minotaur whose horns have been broken is considered greatly shamed and typically exiled.


Minotaurs are a nomadic race, marking out their territory with the skulls of their victims and viciously defending their property and land. They live in roaming bands of 50 to 100. Each band is part of a larger tribe which claims substantial stretches of land. Barring times of famine, established tribes coexist without conflict, though when resources are limited they will fight over their borders. When a tribe grows too large for their territory, rather than expanding they typically send their young out to form their own tribes. These minotaurs are known as Zwervenas and are typically more aggressive than the older members of the tribe.

Ritual Scarification

Though individual tribes may have greatly different behaviors, one thing which is consistent is their practice of ritual scarification. When a minotaur is born they are branded with their tribe’s symbol. Throughout their life, as major events happen, they will earn more scars, brands, and tattoos.


Believing true names to hold great power, Minotaurs primarily use descriptive nicknames when addressing each other.


  • The Hauf


Minotaurs have very little in the way of technology. They primarily steal from others or use makeshift weapons.


Minotaurs can work magic or miracles. They are more inclined to damaging spells, such as what would be used by the Blighted, but they are not limited to them.


The primary tenents of their faith is that “Might is Righteousness”. Weakness is shunned. They praise the Dark for the power they once held, and honor their memory through blood and sacrifice.


Minotaurs primarily utilize a spoken language similar to Dutch. It is rare for them to record anything in writing, but, when they do, they use crude pictographs. The tone of their language is aggressive and confident.

Playing a Minotaur

Once the Hauf have been encountered, Minotaurs will be unlocked. You can create a young minotaur who left (or was sent out of) their tribe to claim more land and property.

Racial Properties

Imposing: Minotaurs begin with a D8 in strength and a D6 in vigor.
Gore: Minotaurs can attack with their horns for strength + D4 damage.
Vicious Youth: During a Minotaur’s early life they are highly aggressive and prone to violence. It costs two points to raise smarts during character creation.
Territorial: Minotaurs are a fiercely territorial race. They will not share any of their property and will viciously attack any dare trespass on their space, be it enter their room uninvited or touch their possessions.

Racial Edges

Goring Charge
Requirements: Minotaur, Novice, Fighting D6+
If the Minotaur can charge at least 6" before attacking, they add +2 to their damage total.

Improved Goring Charge
Requirements: Goring Charge, Seasoned, Fighting D8+
Increase the bonus from Goring charge from +2 to +4 damage.


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