In the beginning there were the three, the light, the dark, and the the line. They created all that you see and spread their seeds throughout the world. They lived, fought, and in time disappeared leaving behind the world as we know it today.

The Light brought beauty and hope. The dwelt in the mountains where the sun was strongest and had powerful healing magics. They had fair skin, golden hair, and shining colorful eyes.

The Dark brought darkness and harm. They tunneled underground and only ventured out at night and their talents revolved around destruction. They had pale skin, dark hair and coal black eyes.

The Line roamed over the surface, settling anywhere they could find land. Their appearance varied though they rarely shared the look of Light or Dark. They did not choose sides and instead worked with both other sides. They were the peacemakers and the pawns and eventually they were the only ones left for their blood was stronger than Light or Dark. They are the ones who roam the world today.


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