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This is the current state of the party. Any NPCs in this group are not necessarily permanent, they do not officially become part of the group until they check in to the cave.

The Scene

The party was forcibly split… Estelle eventually overwhelmed and disarmed Captain Jolien gaining enough leverage for half the party to escape back to the cave. The rest of the party was left behind – captured.

Player Characters

  • Koren (No warhorse)
  • DikDik (Injured dog)
  • Keito

Heroic Minions

Name Type Loyalty Status Description
Rieyicht Merchant Guard Koren PC Controlled by Chris No longer a minion.

Assorted Survivors

Type Loyalty Skills Number Notes


Day Available Food Needed Food Change(D#)
10 0 4+/day


  • The characters have currently been captured and have no gear.


  • None


  • See Gear

Previous Parties

Updated: IC Day 10, OoC 7/19/12

Previous Party Day 10

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