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This is the current state of the party. Any NPCs in this group are not necessarily permanent, they do not officially become part of the group until they check in to the cave.

The Scene

A semblance of order is coming to the cave and the party is planning their next steps. They want to spread word of the invasion, but to convince any troops they need proof. The party decided to raid the castle, hoping to obtain a royal seal, info, and possibly a new “pet” for DikDik (Castle Guardian)

The journey to the Castle was worthwhile, though it is unknown if entering the castle will indeed pay off. The group found a small squad of Royal Guard which they quickly sent back to the cave. The entered the castle sneaking past most of the defenses thanks to Penalope’s invisibility spell. They entered the Keep through the servants entrance, running a small guantlet of soldiers before their invisibility spell faded. Now they are trapped in the kitchen, soldiers between them and the exit and the Great Hall converted into a temporary barracks…

The party fled through the kitchen to the cellar where much of the castle’s food is stored. They delved even deeper to the wine cellar where they hid for close to two days with two new servant allies. When they had recovered from the previous fighting, the servants guided them through the secret exit from the kitchen and to the servant stairs. Koren got within sight of the study (with the aid of invisibility) only to learn it is occupied as a war room of sorts.

As Koren returned to the servant stairs he unfortunately attracted the attention of the guards. They were unable to find precisely where he went, but there is nothing which cannot be solved through suitable application of explosives. Next session will be a blast.

Player Characters

  • Koren (leaving warhorse behind)
  • DikDik (in order to control the guardians)
  • Estelle
  • Keito (Guarding the rear flank)

Heroic Minions

Name Type Loyalty Status Description
Priestess Penelope Arcane Healer Peasants Controlled by Tony
Rieyicht Merchant Guard Koren Controlled by Chris

Assorted Survivors

Type Loyalty Skills Number Notes
Servant Koren Stealth/Notice 2 Carrying food


Day Available Food Needed Food Change(D#)
7 15 5/day +15(D7)
9 20 8/day +5(D9)


Each character can take 1 of each item below.

  • Kevlar Vest: Torso Armor +2 Melee / +4 Range. Cancels AP4 from bullets.
  • Outsider Helmet : Head Armor +3 / 50% chance of protection against head shots. Night vision. Comm Channel.
  • H&K MP5
  • Glock


  • None


  • See Gear

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Previous Party Day 9

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