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This is the current state of the party. Any NPCs in this group are not necessarily permanent, they do not officially become part of the group until they check in to the cave.

The Scene

After a highly successful slaughter scavenger hunt in the city, the adventurers drew the attention of Outsider Hunters. Not wanting to lead them back to the cave they took a detour back into the city, heading towards the Royal Library to help Koren with his research into Dark Lore.

On approaching the library they noticed something was wrong, apparently a group of bandits had settled down into it and they did not take kindly to the parties approach. They seemed to have it in for Koren specifically, largely ignoring everyone else, until Estelle proved to be too much of a threat to ignore.

Our heroes cleared the first floor and forged their way to the basement where the priceless lore is kept. The fight got much stronger down the stairs and the party started to falter. Some skillful healing on DikDik’s part, as well as some well placed magical attacks by Koren forced the brigands to retreat and the party was about to pursue…

Royal Library Basement

Character Closeup


This is a continuation of the previous encounter but the layout permits a certain amount of flexibility. In the event we have different players the next session, any character whose player is absent is considered to be guarding the prisoners. Any character who was absent last session can show up, but must move 10 squares to get into the map. In the event of Tony showing up, his character will replace one of the Goblins. (they all look alike, right?) Bennies will reset as normal, but wounds and expended power points will not.


  • DikDik (and Domino)
  • Estelle
  • Kama
  • Kettu
  • Koren

Assorted Survivors

Type Loyalty Skills Number Notes
Goblins Kettu 5 Originally 6, one slain.

Loot / Gear

  • None

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Updated: 8/24/12

Previous Party Library

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