Previous Party Reavers

This is the current state of the party. Any NPCs in this group are not necessarily permanent, they do not officially become part of the group until they check in to the cave.

The Scene

Retreating from their successful attack on the castle the squad is greeted by howls in the sewers. Kettu attempts to mislead the wolves but they are too clever for his tricks. He gets separated from the party while the wolves eventually catch up…

The adventures need to navigate the sewers and hopefully find a good location to confront the wolves. Depending on the survival roll, the battle may be in one of the following Sewer Layouts.


  • Bayne (Stacy)
  • Estelle
  • Kama
  • Keito
  • Kettu (separated)
  • Penelope (Tony Extra)
  • Rieyicht (Tony Wildcard)

Assorted Survivors

Type Loyalty Skills Number Notes

Loot / Gear

  • The characters have two rations crates

Previous Parties

Updated: 7/19/12

Previous Party Reavers

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