The dominant religions of Hikryela can best be described as nature focused. Most practices are highly ritualistic. The religions are rooted in the belief that the world is alive and must be respected. In spiritual texts the planet is referred to as “The Great Provider”

The nature focus is also supplemented by a certain degree of ancestor worship. Throughout the lands you will find many different shrines. They are typically dedicated to either the Light, the Dark, or the Land, though how they are represented may vary.

Light Shrines are the most common in cities and are often simply referred to as Blessed Shrines. When one becomes injured, they will often seek out a Light Shrine for healing. They typically have a 3 story layout, with living quarters and storage in the basement, an altar on the main floor and a prayer circle in a tower. The tower is traditionally only reachable by ladder and wall-less, its roof being supported by 4 pillars. It is believed that the wind carries their prayers to their Light ancestors.

Dark Shrines are relatively rare. They are most often found in isolated locations where there are either mountains or caves. In general people steer clear of them. The layout is similar to that of a Light Shrine, only instead of having a tower with the prayer circle they instead have stairs leading down below the basement to an underground shrine. Whenever possible they will be located in a naturally formed cavern though those crafting such a shrine are willing to dig if required. It is believed that the shadows can be used to communicate with the Dark ancestors.

Land Shrines are typically found in the woods and other natural areas. The layouts of these shrines are similar to that of a lean-to. They will have a discrete stairwell leading to basement quarters but the shrine tries to leave as little impact on the land as possible.

The three major religions are:

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