Rules Clarifications

Some portions of the rulebook are not clear enough. This section is dedicated to clarifying them and presenting consistency to the players.

Character Creation

  • In the event of character death, your new character starts with one less advancement than your previous character. This means your new character will have 5 experience less than your old one.


  • Running: When you roll your running die it does NOT explode. The only time it would explode is in a specific scenario like a footrace.
  • Grenade Toss Back: The rules as written account for picking up a grenade and wildly throwing it to safety. If you wish to target someone with the grenade you must first pass the agility test at -4 and then pass a throwing check at -6. The -6 is because acting off your turn is -4 (-2 if you delayed) and an additional -2 for a second action.
  • Scatter: Scatter rules are listed on page 70 under Area Effect Attacks.

Rules Clarifications

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