Ryela is the largest continent in the world. It has very diverse terrain, ranging from deserts to dense forest to mountains. In particular the Exemplar Mountains divide Ryela roughtly in half.

Ryela is primarily bordered by the Panthalassa Ocean to the North, the Sea of Shallows to the West, and the Antipanthalassa Ocean to the South. There is also a smaller, unnamed sea on the East coast, but only the most studious and well-connected scholars know of it since it lies deep within the Dark Lands.

Ryela is the only “civilized” continent boasting several kingdoms. The most prominent Kingdom is Hikryela which is located in the center just to the West of the Exemplar Mountains.

Political Boundaries

Aphryela is located further South in the ruins of an ancient Dark village. There are rumors of paths through the mountains to the other side, but few are willing to explore the passages for fear of what they may encounter.

Glaciryela is located on the Northern coast. They rely on sea transportation for much of their trade and fishing for much of their food.

The Western half of the continent is largely unexplored forest and woodland inhabited by Wildlings. There are several villages though there does not appear to be any greater structure.

The Eastern half of the continent, past the mountains, is known as the Dark Lands. Few explorers venture there and even fewer return. The inhabitants of Glaciryela have done the most exploration, taking ships along the Northern coast.


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