Setting Rules

This setting has a few rules specific to the campaign. These are NOT in the normal rulebooks.
All these will be available in a custom Hero Labs file which is available on request.


More information on the races is available here.

  • Blessed
  • Blighted
  • Changeling
  • Outsider


Some skills function differently in this setting or are unavailable.

  • Driving – This skill is not available to starting characters.
  • Guts – This is not a setting which uses guts. Fear checks rely on spirit.
  • Knowledge (Outsider Tech) – Each dice size in this reduces the penalty for using Outsider Tech by one. Additionally it will help in figuring out how to use Outsider Tech.
  • Pilot – This skill is not available.


  • Zombie – This setting does not have a concept of “undead”. The closest that comes to the zombie power would be making some sort of construct and that would be closer to “Summon Ally”.



  • Chain Barding – +2 Torso armor for War Horses. 900 gold. 15 pounds effective weight.
  • Katana – Due to the setting this is available at a reduced price of 600 gold.
  • Tool Kits – Price and weight as listed in the core rule book.

Extras / NPCs

Optional Rules

  • Critical Failures – Cannot use bennies on glitches.
  • No Power Points – This rule is under evaluation.


  • Each character starts with 1 extra life. This means the first time you would die you instead make an injury roll.

Adventure Cards

We are currently experimenting with using The Savage World’s Adventure Deck. For now we are using the official rules with a few exceptions.

  • You may keep your cards between sessions.
  • At the end of every session, you may discard one card and then draw up to a full hand.
  • The “Destiny’s Child” edge is NOT allowed.
  • SOME CARDS MAY BEHAVE DIFFERENT THAN DESCRIBED. (To be determined through playtest)
  • Two cards were added – “The Power of the Dark” and “The Power of the Light”. Both these cards will do “something” when used.

Setting Rules

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