Though the technology of Ryela varies among the different Kingdoms, they are all at about the same level. The current period is “The Black Powder Age”, where they have the beginnings of firearms but still have a strong reliance on medieval weapons, such as swords and bows.

Transportation is primarily by horseback or on foot, though there is the use of carts in the Kingdoms proper and along trade routes.

Rudimentary forms of clockwork are present in the world, though they are exceptionally rare, and those proficient in them are viewed as some sort of sorcerer. This is largely because they require lodestone to function, and that is typically only located in Dark civilization ruins.

Outsider Technology

Outsider technology is strange to the natives of Ryela. It runs off “electricity” and “batteries” and is almost indistinguishable from magic at points.

Weird Science Technology

The amazing gizmos and contraptions achieved by practitioners of weird science, which rival even the powers of magic, are equal parts valuable, unstable, and rare. Weird science is significantly less common that traditional science or even magic. Its reception is based largely on the local populace; cities that are strong proponents of science and technology are more likely to welcome a weird scientist, whereas “simple” cities and magocracies are more likely to view them with suspicion or hostility.

Due to the rare (and explosive) nature of weird science, it has not gained general use and recognition in any city to date. There are also no known schools or colleges that teach it, but most practitioners are self-taught anyway.


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