The First Wave

I intend to further flush and out develop this setting as time goes on. I expect to have several different plot arcs which can function as stand alone campaigns.

The First Wave is the initial experimental campaign. This is where I hope to get the basics of the world built and see how well the rule system works. To that intent player options and choices will be more strict in the beginning. I will err on the side of “fun”, but overall there will be less choice to start.

YOU, my dear adventurers, are citizens of powerful kingdom of Hikryela. You were going about your daily lives when life as you knew it went straight to hell. Now your goal is clear, crawl out of the rubble, dust yourself off, and fight to survive…

Campaign Specific Rules

  • You must be either a citizen of Hikryela or a merchant / adventurer from another city on Ryela.
  • You cannot take the following skills: Driving, Piloting, Guts
  • You cannot take the following hindrances: Enemy, Wanted
  • You cannot take the following edges: Ace, Arcane Background (unless you are Blessed/Blighted, then you get this instead of your free edge), Mentalist, Rich (you can get extra starting funds, but no annual salary)
  • You may purchase any gear labeled as “Medieval” or “Blackpowder”

Campaign Shortcuts

Updated 9/24/12

The First Wave

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