The Fall of Hikryela

With “The Fall” everything changed. The Outsider’s rained fire from the sky and their onslaught brought the Capital to its knees. It was not a war, it was a massacre. A few brave adventurers escaped through the aid of a traitor in the Outsider’s own ranks and rallied the people to fight…

Hikryela is a cross genre game utilizing the Savage Worlds ruleset. It is set in a fantasy world which is being invaded by a high tech society. Currently it is running weekly though in time it will shift to a biweekly schedule.

All players are encouraged to purchase “Savage Worlds Deluxe” though it is not required. I will also be maintaining a Hero Labs data file for any campaign specific rules / items / races / etc.

The game is currently full though I am planning future campaigns in the same setting. Each campaign will focus on a major series of events and color those that follow.


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