Lorrick Kean

Gadgeteer and inventor


RCB = Revised Core Book || DE = Deluxe Edition (core book)

Personal Information
Name: Lorrick Kean Rank: Heroic XP: 60 Race: Changeling Age: 19
Currency: 30 gold Gender: Male Hair: Black Eyes: Gold
Attributes & Derived Stats
Agility d8 Pace (by race) 6
Smarts d10 Parry (2 + half Fighting + shield/weapon) 7
Spirit d6 Toughness (2 + half Vigor + torso armor) 6/8 (2/4)
Strength d6 Charisma (by Edge/Hindrance) -2
Vigor d4 Vision (by race) Low-light
Base Combat Stats
Melee Weapon Reach Attacks Damage Notes
Lodestone Knife d8 d8+d4 Recall thrown: d4
Ranged Weapon Range Attack, ROF Damage Notes
Flintlock Pistol 5/10/20 d8, 1 2d6+1 Reload 2 actions
Skill Die Constant Modifiers Linked Attribute
Fighting d8 Agility
Knowledge (Clockwork) d6 Smarts
Knowledge (Lang: Goblin) d4 Smarts
Knowledge (Lodestone) d8 Smarts
Knowledge (Parapsychology) d6 Smarts
Notice d4 Smarts
Repair d8 +2 Smarts
Shooting d8 Agility
Weird Science d8 Smarts
Edges and Hindrances
Name Effect Edge/Hindrance Reference
Arcane Background (Weird Science) 10PP, 1 power Edge RCB 24, 79
Bad Eyes If lose glasses, -2 to shoot or Notice at > 5" Hindrance (Minor) DE 28
Curious Like a cat. Hindrance (Major) RCB 20-21
Delusional see fluff Hindrance (Minor) RCB 21
Gadgeteer Can make one-shot gadgets with half full PP Edge DE 39
McGyver Can improvise tools/devices to suit current challenge Edge DE 40
Mr. Fix It +2 Repair, half repair time (again) on Raise Edge RCB 31
New Power Summon Ally Edge DE 38
New Power Burst Edge DE 38
New Power Growth/Shrink Edge DE 38
New Power Invisibility Edge DE 38
New Power Healing Edge DE 114
Outsider -2 Charisma outside of racial group Hindrance (Minor) RCB 22
Weapons Range/Reach RoF/AP Dmg Weight (lbs.)
Dagger Str+d4 1
Flintlock Pistol 5/10/20 1 2d6+1 3
25 bullets (.60)
Lodestone Knife Str+d4 1
Armor Protection Area Protected Weight
Buckler +1 Parry front and left 8
Kevlar +2/+4 torso 8
Tools Location Weight
Tool kit backpack 5
Misc. Items Location Weight
Canteen sling on body 1
Lodestone smithing hammer on body
Normal clothes body
Wounds -1 -2 -3 Incapacitated
Fatigue -1 -2 Incapacitated
Total Weight Carried (lbs.) Weight Limit (Strength x 5) Penalty (to Ag, St, and linked skills)
30 30 -1 -2 -3
  • brain and heart of a darkling (rat)
  • enough loose lodestone to make something with lenses
Gadgets (Power, page):
  • Ectoplasmic Exoskeleton (Armor, DE109): Turn dial on belt to activate. A faint, ghostly outline of the wearer and his/her gear envelops them (does not affect visibility) and protects them from harm. Gasses can pass through the aura, but solid objects have much greater difficulty. Has limited effectiveness against liquids (will not prevent drowning). Effect is an alchemical reaction and is itself not affected by liquids. Automatically deactivates after 3 rounds, but can be sustained until charge runs out by pressing side button (can be done as same action of initial activation).
    • +2 Armor (+4 on Raise), 2PP
  • Laser Shotgun (Burst, DE110): By combining a shotgun, a flashlight (modified to use Lorrick’s special ectoplasmic batteries), and a few lenses, this weapon can fire a concentrated cone of light that can (eventually) burn through even the toughest materials. The light is also enveloped in a thin ectoplasmic envelope, which greatly reduces its range (compared to normal light) but gives it enough mass to deal impact damage.
    • Cone template, Shooting vs Agility, 2d10 dmg, Heavy weapon, 2PP
  • Medigun (Healing, DE114): This large, underslung rifle looks intimidating, but it’s actual purpose is to heal. It fires a ray of energy that supercharges the body’s natural metabolism and causes wounds to spontaneously heal. Due to the nature of the effect, it ceases to be effective after the wound is over an hour old. It can also cure poisons and diseases within 10 minutes of contraction.
    • Range: Smarts, Shooting vs Agility (harmless), -1 Wound (-2 on Raise), 3PP
  • Mega/Micro Ray (Growth/Shrink, DE 113): This blunderbuss pistol has been retrofitted and modified, with tubes and knobs all around. When calibrated, aimed at a target, and fired, it infuses the target with energy waves and causes it to quickly grow or shrink in size. Although immediate, the change is usually only a foot or so at a time. However, it is possible to calibrate the device for up to five feet of change at once (Size +/-5), immediately after which it will need to cool down before reuse.
    • Line of sight, Shooting vs Agility (harmless), Weird Science vs Spirit to resist, (Size +/-1)/2PP
    • +1 Size = Str upgrade by 1, +1 Toughness. -1 Size = Str downgrade (min. d4), -1 Toughness (min. 2).
    • Size = -2 or less = gain Small ability
    • Size +4-+7: Large (2″×2″), Size +8-+10: Huge (3″×3″), Size +11 or more = Gargantuan (4″×4″)
  • See-Me-Not (Invisibility, DE115): This device is a small, ornate box with an octagonal lid, split down the middle, and a metal L-handle on one side. When the handle is cranked, the lid opens an a near-invisible field emits from inside the box a 25 foot radius, rendering anyone inside imperceptible from the outside. Allies may enter and leave the field indefinitely, and can see each other while in it, but become visible while outside it. The field lasts as long as the handle is turned.
    • 5" radius, -4 enemy Notice (-6 on Raise), 5PP
  • (Summon Ally, DE117)
    • Clockwork Guardian (Bodyguard)
    • Fey Whistle: Small lodestone whistle on a string necklace, with three note holes. Calls an Astral Wolf, Astral Reaver, or Wild One from the Feywild.
    • Clockwork Behemoth (Sentinel)
    • Mirror Mirror: Ostensibly, this is a simple hand mirror, made of polished bronze and inlaid with small lodestones around the glass. However, it contains two secrets: First, a strong light reflected from it reveals a series of metamagic and geometric patters within the glass. Second, the true purpose of the mirror is to create an ectoplasmic duplicate of the wielder.
      To activate the Mirror Mirror, the wielder holds it above their head, glass down, and says “Mirror mirror”, then holds it in an empty, adjacent spot. An almost perfect copy of the wielder then secretes from the mirror’s face.
      Although visually identical, the duplicate is obviously artificial to the touch, having a gelatinous texture. It knows everything the original knew and can do almost everything the original could do. Although the two do not share a mental link, everything the duplicate sees is displayed in real time on the mirror. The duplicate can also function independently (in addition to following orders) and will always act in the wielder’s best interests.
Weird Science Malfunction
When using a gadget, if the skill roll is a 1, draw a card and consult the following:
  • Clubs — Catastrophic Malfunction: The device explodes for 2d6 damage in a Large Burst Template.
  • Hearts — Major Malfunction: The device breaks and must be repaired (Repair roll and 2d6 hours).
  • Diamonds — Minor Malfunction: Breaks, but can be instantly fixed with Repair roll at -2.
  • Spades — Glitch: Gizmo activates but does the opposite of the intent. If reversing the effect doesn’t apply, treat as a Major Malfunction instead.
Other Stuff
Delusion: earnestly believes that a carefully selected and trained swallow could carry a coconut tied to it by a string over a large body of water, such as a sea or very large lake.


Lorrick Kean has been an outcast since he was born. As a Changeling, he was met with suspicion and distrust even in his home village of Melas. His parents were ashamed and dumbfounded, wondering what they had done do have the Gods curse them so. They did not avoid their obligation to raise him as best they could, but they could never fully overcome their prejudices.

Having no friends and hardly a family, Lorrick turned away from society and began experimenting. He discovered early on that he had an almost instinctive knack for understanding the ways of Science, especially regarding natural law and machinery; he could quickly deduce or discover the function and methodology of any object or machine, and could also repair it as easily as he could take it apart. It was only a matter of time before he discovered the surprising potential of lodestones. Having found a calling, he committed as much time as he could to learning and discovering, which only fed the local fears against him.

The village’s apprehension was not entirely unfounded. Melas was notorious for its surrounding woodlands, which were known to be home to spirits, fairies, and rare beasts known only as The Wild Ones. Most of the spirits were nothing more than a bother, but a few were truly malevolent and were believed to have (indirectly) caused several deaths. Similarly, most of the fairies were little more than impish tricksters, but a few that went too far ruined the reputation of all of them.

The Wild Ones were practically a folk tale, were it not for the repeat sightings. They were rarely seen, though, and never killed. The local consensus was that they had a porcine head and tusks, like a boar; long, sharp claws; long, knobbly legs that ended in flat, round feet or hooves; and quills protruding from its hunched back, which was almost 6 feet tall at the shoulder. Their body was covered in short but thick fur, and they seemed to be constantly surrounded by some kind of supernatural shroud or energy field that made them difficult to be observed directly. No-one knew what they ate, though that didn’t stop them from being blamed when the odd farm animal disappeared.

Needing a safe place to study away from judging eyes, Lorrick naturally spent much time in the woods. Of course, no-one tried to stop him, secretly hoping he’d be killed. He set up a stone workshop in a quiet grotto near a clearing, including even a cot, and would eventually spend days on end tinkering away in the woods. He learned many truths about the beings that inhabited the woods, including ways of utilizing their byproducts in alchemical reactions and as power sources; he took only as he needed to prevent upsetting the native inhabitants.

Despite all of Lorrick’s discoveries, nothing compared to the sheer power and mystery of the lodestone. He even tried creating one, with very limited success. While one of the usual trade caravans was passing through, he overheard stories about the vast deposits of lodestones in the far South, and the dangerous creatures nearby and between. Wishing to learn more and, hopefully, possibly buy some lodestones, he followed them into the village. Unbeknownst to him, though, a Wild One had been secretly following him. The caravaners did notice, though, and, despite that their horses were at ease, their own fears took hold and they rode on, past the village, as fast as they could. Lorrick gave chase and even looked back but saw nothing.

When Lorrick returned, the village people were in a mob, blaming him personally for driving away the caravan. The damage would not have been lasting, but the people had had enough and, in amplified fear and anger, gave him an ultimatum: leave and never return, or be sacrificed and put on display as a show of goodwill to the traders and the Gods. Confused but unflinching, he hastily packed what he could and ran out of town, taking only a moment to clear out his workshop before he left for good. He decided to take the opportunity to head South, towards the allegedly legendary lodestone deposits, and discover all he could about the ways of Science.


Lorrick Kean is a fairly tall and slender man, with light skin typical of the Northern cities, and short and straight, though unkempt, black hair. He has piercing golden eyes and a markedly curious demeanor, which puts off most people. He used to have keen vision, hearing, and even scent, but years of experimenting (including failing, sometimes explosively) have numbed his senses considerably. On the other hand, years of working will tools and performing delicate experiments have given him some muscles and a fine touch. He took the habit of wearing large, protective, and magnifying glasses of sorts after an early explosion filled his eyes with debris, damaging them permanently.

Lorrick’s clothing is light by Northern standards. Unlike typical clothes, though, it has many sewn-on pockets and loops for storing materials and tools. It’s also clearly worn, though the resilient fabric, ideal for working in bitter winds, is devoid of holes or tears.

Lorrick sometimes traveled with the more accepting (and sometimes less reputable) trade caravans, and he learned to shoot while acting as a watchman. He was particularly valuable for his ability to fix almost any damage to the carts, tools, or guns with incredible speed, which gained him some little1 respect (and free passage) from all the caravans with which he traveled.

Just preceding the events of the first session, Lorrick had parted ways with a caravan a day or two ago and was looking for further leads to the lodestone deposits and, if possible, a caravan heading South.

1 little because they’re racist

Lorrick Kean

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