Hikryela the Anime!

Not that I actually expect anyone to see this post since the campaign ended, but there is a new Anime series with some interesting similarities to our setting.

There isn’t much info out on the series but it just started airing. Its called GATE.

The basic premise is that a portal opens in Japan and a fantasy army attacks. They have various monsters, dragon-riders, and your standard medieval soldiers.

They kill a bunch of civilians before the SDF shows up and slaughters them with firearms.

Then rather than risk destroying the Gate and having a new one appear they secure it and send an invading army.

It has potential so I figured I would share.


Mwa-ha-ha-ha! You are foolish in thinking anything goes unseen on the Internet! I have viewed your post and will Google this anime SOON!

Hikryela the Anime!

So, a menagerie of Zelda monsters pop through a portal and kill a lot of people, then get decimated by military force. A special task force gets sent through the portal to prevent further attacks by killing the source. A highly-trained armed force with guns and a tank. The best the enemies have is a dragon. One dragon. Most enemies are monstrous humanoids with primitive weapons, possibly save for the magic girl with the poleaxe (it’s not clear from the trailer, below, or the synopsis). Why do the bad guys have a chance, again?

Link to the trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5cMy5LcIJcs

Hikryela the Anime!

Because MAGIC!
And limited ammo.

Having a very clearly defined supply line is a weakness after all. I assume the gate will get closed and the military force will get trapped there.

And they will probably end up teaming with locals to help in a civil war or something since they had multiple references to random cute females and the soldiers all seem to be male.

Hikryela the Anime!
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