Current Party

This is the current state of the party. Any NPCs in this group are not necessarily permanent, they do not officially become part of the group until they check in to the cave.

The Scene

The “Outsider War” is fully upon us, while armies clash in the battlefield a select group of heroes infiltrated the outsider base to attempt to destroy the portal.


DikDik, Estelle, Eyes, Koren, and Lorrick are involved in this mission. Any others are considered to be elsewhere in the battle and unavailable.

Assorted Minions

Koren currently has his imp and two summoned fire elementals.


Party Spawn
Due to teamwork between Estelle’s burrow power and DikDik’s environmental protection / ethereal powers the team emerged from the ground inside the fence around the portal.

The battle ran longer than expected, following Eye’s final action it looked like this

Following the Dark Nanite’s regen the situation changed even more when one critically succeeded (in the 20’s with a target number of 4)

Previous Parties

Updated: 11/11/13

Current Party

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