Pronounced Oom-Yex
A city in the Kingdom of Hikryela located near the junction of the Leithleyan River and the Namé River.


The city was originally formed as an outpost during the War of the Wilds to protect the river and surrounding farmland from wildling attacks. As such the location is highly secure, capable of completely locking down the rivers if needed. In the beginning it essentially was a collection of forts surrounding farmland.

Modern City

In modern times the purpose of the city has greatly changed from its origins, most of the barracks have been converted to housing and buildings have been created where it was one farmland. The forts have largely remained untouched, but they are being used much less.

The city now focuses on controlling river trade, sending and receiving goods along each stretch of the river enabling trade with much of the continent.

Updated: 11/20/13


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